The Society publishes reports on all of its lectures, some of its visits, selected members papers and suggested reading material in its bookshelf.  These can all be found in date order below.

The Society also published a monthly bulletin, the archive for these can be found here.


Date: Wednesday, 10 Mar 2010
Dr Sarah Staniforth
Historic Properties Director, National Trust
Download Report: conservation-in-nt.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 10 Feb 2010
Lord Dick Taverne
House of Lords
Download Report: lord-taverne-science-club.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 9 Dec 2009
Mr Michael Speed
CS&TS Member
Download Report: we-are-watching-you-report.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 11 Nov 2009
Dr Andrew Garrad
Garrad Hassan & Partners
Download Report: windenergyreport.pdf
Date: Friday, 30 Oct 2009
Dr David Lynn
Head of Strategic Planning, the Wellcome Trust
Download Report: biomedical-science.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 14 Oct 2009
Prof. Chris Rapley
Director of the Science Museum
Download Report: climate-change-and-the-energy-challenge.pdf

This article reviews sources of information relevant to the Gloucestershire floods in 2007.

Written by: Palmer Newbould
Download Paper: Newbould_CNFC_Proc_Jan2009.pdf
The salient points of the report are condensed into a clear and concise summary.
Written by: Dr. Michael McEllin
Download Paper: GeoEngineering.pdf

This note documents events during the Gloucestershire floods of July, 2007. It was written while the floods were actually taking place in order to obviate the later distortions common in studies of disaster management.

Written by: Eric Jones
Download Paper: The_Gloucestershire_Floods_Two.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 9 Sep 2009
Sir Michael Pitt
Download Report: learning-lessons-from-the-2007-floods-report.pdf
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