Supporting Teachers - Science is Important!

The CSTS actively supports projects and initiatives in the local centres of education, providing funding and expertise to encourage the teaching of Science, Engineering and Technology in many forms.

Here are some of the support packages we've offered to local schools and to the Royal Agricultural University:

From 2011 onwards: The Society provides £100 each year for the RAU Student Science project prize.  The RAU judges the applications, and presents the prize at its annual ceremony

In 2014 - £150 to Cirencester College, £50 for each of three years, for Commitment in the Scientific Field.

In 2014 - £100 to South Glos and Stroud College for their Hovercraft project.

In 2016  £300 to Stroud High School for their membership of the HiSPARC project. 

The grant will allow the Year 10 girls undertaking a British Science Association Silver CREST to receive direct support from scientists at Birmingham University.  They will also get accesss to a large amount of real-time Cosmic Ray detector data being collected by the many schools and colleges taking part in HiSPARC.  This type of project is important in developing a taste for real science and also delivers a number of other educational benefits (including experience of team working to deliver results against hard deadlines).


We're keen to hear from any local school with an idea for making science real!  Get in touch and we'll try to find a way to support you.