The Committee and myself strongly commend to members the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) scheme for Gloucestershire Schools.  Two members, Chris Wood and Ed White, have summarised the main features of the scheme in the attached note.  If you would like to help with this admirable scheme, please contact Ed White at Ed.White(at)

We also encourage members who would like to bring motivated school pupils to any of the Society’s lectures to contact Ed White.  It is possible that there may be CRB issues here and so this may have to be done by Ambassadors only.

Peter Stoward, Chair CSTS, January 2010 


  • STEM is looking for Ambassadors with experience of applied science and technology to support the education of 5 – 18 year olds.
  • Primary and secondary school organisers are permanently employed by STEM and they organise workshops (usually half day). Ambassadors help with these workshops. There is no pressure and the workshops represent a good starting point for Ambassadors.
  • Schools welcome support from Ambassadors for:
    • debates
    • talks
    • mentoring pupils towards career paths
  • Ambassadors have to 
    • register on line at
    • complete a CRB check which is free of charge
    • attend training (90 mins in Hucclecote or could be arranged in Cirencester)
    • support at least one activity per year
  • Insurance cover is provided for Ambassadors
  • Communication is via

STEM organise an annual primary challenge with broad themes; six pupils are invited to showcase their project in front of 40 or so invited adults. Ambassadors could help with mentoring pupils during projects.

Chris Wood, Ed White