Lecture Reports

Below you will find reports from our lectures.  Either click the title to view the report online or download a copy by clicking on the file name next to 'Download report'. Use the search box on this page to find a particular report.

Radio telescopes

A preliminary talk presented to the Cirencester Science & Technology Society committee by Dr. Michael McEllin on the development and principles of radio telescopes, focusing on the technology and engineering behind the amazing discoveries of how the Universe works.

Date: Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020
Dr. Michael McEllin
CSTS Member
Prehistoric Landscapes and Snails

A talk for the Cirencester Science & Technology Society presented by Dr. Mike Allen, Archaeologist, Bournemouth University (joint lecture with Cirencester Archaeological and Historical Society)

Dr. Allen explains the role of an environmental archaeologist in discovering the lives and cultures of prehistoric people by studying the soils and creatures that are in them.

Date: Wednesday, 14 Apr 2021
Dr. Mike Allen, Archaeologist
Bournemouth University
Gold-based liquid crystal
Date: Wednesday, 10 Mar 2021
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