Clocks Winding Down: How Circadian Rhythms and Sleep Change as We Age

Wednesday, 8 Jun 2022 7:30 pm
Dr. Gareth Banks
Oxford University


Royal Agricultural University - Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre

Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre, RAU, Cirencester GL7 6JS

CSTS Zoom Channel ID 912 0723 6181

Market Place, Cirencester GL7


Gareth obtained his PhD at the University of Sussex, characterising cholinergic proteins in the glial cells in the brains of snails. Following this he took postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Neurology in London and then at the University of Oxford, before joining the MRC Harwell Institute as a senior investigator scientist. He remained at the Harwell Institute until its closure in March of this year, after which he took up his current position as a senior fellow at the Dementia Research Institute.  
It was during his time at Oxford and later at Harwell that Gareth developed an interest in the regulation of sleep and circadian processes and how they integrate with other bodily systems. More recently his work has focused on age related changes in sleep and circadian rhythms and the reciprocal relationship these changes can have on healthy aging throughout the body.
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