Formula 1 Aerodynamics

Wednesday, 8 May 2024 7:30 pm
Jeroen Klein Geltink
Deputy Principal Aerodynamicist for the BWT Alpine F1 team at Enstone


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Market Place, Cirencester GL7

Royal Agricultural University - Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre

Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre, RAU, Cirencester GL7 6JS


Jeroen Klein Geltink is Deputy Principal for the BWT Alpine F1 team where he currently manages a group of aerodynamicists in the development of the Front Wing and Nose area of the race car. 

Having studied Aerospace Engineering at Delft University in his home country (The Netherlands), he worked at the innovation department for Ferrari road cars in Maranello, Italy. He has worked for the Renault company since 2010, through its various guises (Renault/Lotus/Renault/Alpine) progressing through the ranks.

Jeroen is passionate about F1 and enjoys bringing together his team of inspired, enthusiastic and ambitious individuals to find the best solutions to improve the aerodynamic performance of the race car. He particularly enjoys the fast-paced nature of the job where you can go from concept to design to race track in a matter of weeks.