The Forensic Pathology of the Female Saxon Skull discovered in the River Coln at Fairford in 2013

Wednesday, 13 Apr 2022 7:30 pm
Linda Ainscough M.Sc. Ch.FA Senior Reporting Scientist
Anthropology Section Science Lead, Cellmark Forensic Services Abingdon Laboratory


Royal Agricultural University - Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre

Sir Emrys Jones Lecture Theatre, RAU, Cirencester GL7 6JS

CSTS Zoom Channel ID 912 0723 6181

Market Place, Cirencester GL7


Joint with CAHS (Cirencester Archaeology and History Society).   NOTE: Venue: EJLT, RAU confirmed.

Many of you will remember that back in July 2013 two Farmor's School pupils, Christian Thompson and Robbie Cribley, discovered a human skull in the river Coln. At the time it was thought that the remains were that of a woman, aged between 18 and 24, from Sub-Saharan Africa. This has subsequently been questioned.

If you have ever wondered about the skills and technology used by Forensic Anthropologists then this is the evening for you.

Linda Ainscough is the Senior Reporting Scientist, Anthropology Section Science, Lead - Anthropology at Cellmark Forensic Services, which was where the skull was analysed back in 2013.

Victoria Hardwidge, who wrote her MSc dissertation on The Fairford Lady: A Case Study and Investigation into her origins, will be attending to answer questions, as will staff from the Corinium Museum in Cirencester, where her skeleton now rests.

We would love everyone who is interested to join us.

This link might help to refresh memories:


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