A talk presented to the Cirencester Science & Technology Society by Dr Hugh Martin and Dr Christopher Wise about Hypochlorous Acid and its wonderful antibacterial properties.

Little is known in the popular public domain about this remarkable compound. The lecture will cover the biology and chemistry of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) -  what it does, how it works; and what its real-life applications are in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, dentistry and healthcare, food production, manufacturing, disinfection, water sanitisation and disaster relief and pose the question as to why it is distressingly largely overlooked by society in favour of patented products.
The presentation will close with a brief introduction to the work of the HOCl Trust in promoting the use of HOCl (especially in the spring of 2020 to have HOCl adopted by hospitals and keyworkers to safely bring the pandemic to an abrupt end) and how everybody can access this extraordinary molecule for use in their homes to reduce their reliance on more toxic and environment-impacting chemicals.
Dr Hugh Martin is an Honorary Fellow of the RAU, a cell biologist at heart whose career spanned many disciplines in agricultural science culminating in becoming the Dean of Agriculture at the RAU. Dr Christopher Wise, a plant pathologist, worked as a plant scientist developing systemic phytosanitary products in both universities and industry and was the chief plant science advisor to the NFU. Both are trustees of the HOCl Trust.
Date: Wednesday, 14 Feb 2024
Dr Hugh Martin and Dr Christopher Wise
Honorary Fellow of the RAU, and CSTS Member