The Society publishes reports on all of its lectures, some of its visits, selected members papers and suggested reading material in its bookshelf.  These can all be found in date order below.

The Society also published a monthly bulletin, the archive for these can be found here.


Date: Wednesday, 9 Sep 2015
Mr David Brown
Download Report: life_cycle_of_nuclear_plant.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 10 Jun 2015
Dr Matthew Avison
Download Report: no_more_drugs_for_superbugs.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 13 May 2015
Professor John Tyrer
Download Report: bras_to_bridges_csts_note.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 11 Mar 2015
Dr Robert Spencer
Download Report: germ_warfare.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 11 Feb 2015
Professor Sir Michael Berry
Download Report: how_quantum_physics_democratized_music.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 14 Jan 2015
Professor Andy Hopper
Download Report: computing_for_the_future_of_the_planet.pdf
Date: Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014
Professor Adam Hart
Download Report: citizen_science.pdf
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