Lecture Reports

Below you will find reports from our lectures.  Either click the title to view the report online or download a copy by clicking on the file name next to 'Download report'. Use the search box on this page to find a particular report.

Professor du Sautoy uncovers some of the pitfalls in our thinking processes, and offers some strategies to help us make better decisions.

Date: Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021
Professor Marcus du Sautoy OBE FRS
Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University

Joss outlines the complex topic of DNA manipulation using CRISPR and cas-9, and shows how it could be used to create new weaponns against bacteria.

Date: Wednesday, 8 Sep 2021
Joss Lazenby BSc
University of Reading · School of Biological Sciences

Robert shares his painstaking work to understand the computer's construction and capability, and shows how it saved the mission from disaster.

Date: Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021
Robert Willis, Software Engineer
Cisco, Harpenden
Radio telescopes

A preliminary talk presented to the Cirencester Science & Technology Society committee by Dr. Michael McEllin on the development and principles of radio telescopes, focusing on the technology and engineering behind the amazing discoveries of how the Universe works.

Date: Wednesday, 9 Sep 2020
Dr. Michael McEllin
CSTS Member
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